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2020 General Election Sample Ballots34 documents

  • Avery North Weaver-Avery Township
  • Avery North Weaver -Bradgate
  • Avery North Weaver-Gilmore City
  • Avery North Weaver - Weaver Township
  • Dakota City - Grove -Beaver Township
  • Dakota City-Grove - Grove Township
  • Dakota City-Grove - Dakota City
  • Delana-Wacousta-North Rutland- Delana Township
  • Delana-Wacousta-North Rutland- Rutland Township
  • Delana-Wacousta-North Rutland-Wacousta Township
  • Delana-Wacousta-North Rutland- Bode
  • Delana-Wacousta-North Rutland - Ottosen
  • Humboldt 1-Corinth-South Weaver-Corinth Township
  • Humboldt 1-Corinth-South Weaver- Weaver Township
  • Humboldt 1-Corinth-South Weaver-Humboldt 1
  • Humboldt 1-Corinth-South Weaver-Pioneer
  • Humboldt 2-Beaver-South Norway-Beaver Township
  • Humboldt 2-Beaver-South Norway-Corinth Township
  • Humbodt 2-Beaver-South Norway- Norway Township
  • Humboldt-Beaver-South Norway- Humboldt 2
  • Humboldt 3-South Rutland-Rutland Township
  • Humboldt 3-South Rutland-Humboldt 3
  • Humboldt 3-South Rutland-Rutland City
  • Humboldt-West Vernon-Humboldt Township
  • Humboldt-West Vernon- Vernon Township
  • Humboldt-West Vernon-Livermore
  • Humboldt-West Vernon-LuVerne
  • North Lake-East Vernon-Lake Township
  • North Lake-East Vernon-Hardy
  • North Lake-East Vernon-Renwick
  • North Lake-East Vernon-Vernon Township
  • South Lake-North Norway-Lake Township
  • South Lake-North Norway-Norway Township
  • South Lake-North Norway-Thor