Contact Information

Phone: 515-332-1571
Fax: 515-604-6238
Address: 203 Main St. P.O. Box 100 Dakota City, IA 50529

The Auditor's office has a variety of duties, some of which are preparing the agenda, notifying media and attending and taking minutes for the Board of Supervisor's meetings. The auditor also is custodian for the courthouse, which involves general maintenance and repair of the building and solving issues regarding office space and records storage. We file all reports required by the Census Bureau, OSHA, Federal and State quarterly reports, financial reports and budget reports, just to name a few. We handle all the payroll and health related issues for the county, drainage questions and assessments, all claims for payment are processed here, all budget related paperwork and forms for the county, we accept and file all school, city, townships, ag extension, hospital, emergency management, Assessor, and E911 budgets and prepare the tax list showing the tax askings. The auditor's office prepares the valuation report used to create the tax rates for each entity submitting a budget. A copy of all documents transferring real estate are filed in the auditor's office. We also are in charge of all elections in the county, which include federal, state, county, city, school and special elections, as well as voter registration records for all registered voters in our county.

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