NATE VENTO
                               Environmental Health Specialist

                                                       Pocahontas County Health Department
                                                       21 3rd Ave NE
                                                       Pocahontas IA  50574
                                                       Email:  nvento@pocahontascounty.iowa.gov
                                                       Office:  712 335-4142

                                                            Fax:  712 335-3581
                                                           Cell:  515 890-3067

The county shares Environmental Health Specialist duties with Pocahontas County. The shared program continues to be beneficial to both counties and is a testament to the ability of counties to work together and serve their citizenry. This office is responsible for the grant program (Grants to Counties) that helps fund the plugging of wells, the rehabilitation of existing wells and well water testing in the county. Additionally, the Environmental Health Specialist issues new well permits and septic system permits by way of Chapter 49 and Chapter 69 of the Iowa Code. The Environmental Health Specialist is also charged with responding to nuisance complaints.