Community Services

Contact Information

Phone: 515-332-5205
Fax: 515-332-2289
Address: P.O. Box 100/Courthouse 203 Main Street Dakota City, IA 50529

Community Services is the county department that deals with the social services needs of county residents. The needs may be related to service needs for persons with disabilities, emergency financial assistance, or substance abuse.

The department provides the following:  

Central Point of Coordination 

The Central Point of Coordination (CPC) acts as the gatekeeper to a county funded system of services and support for people who desire mental health services and wish to access county funds for that purpose.  We take application, make eligibility decisions, evaluate the needs of individuals, and work to create and implement a service-funding plan.  Eligibility requirements are that you have a diagnosis of mental illness, chronic mental illness, mental retardation, or developmental disability.  An individual needs to meet income and resource guidelines set out in the County Management Plan.  The County Management Plan also sets out the services or supports that are covered for individuals.

MH/DD Advisory Board

Humboldt County has an active MH/DD Advisory Board that provides input to the CPC Administrator regarding MH/DD policies, quality assurance, and other related issues.  The Advisory Board representatives include MH/DD consumers, families, professionals, and service providers. 

Targeted Case Management

Provides assessment, referral and coordination services for persons with disabilities. 

General Assistance

The Code of Iowa requires that each county in Iowa have a Community Assistance office.  We provide economic relief to people who for one reason or another are going through a difficult time in their lives.  It's meant to be a short-term assistance and is based on specific income guidelines.

Substance Abuse

Funding for indigent persons needing detoxification.

Money Management

This program provides trained volunteers offering money management assistance to older persons or persons with disabilities who are either unable to manage their own financial affairs or who just need some help keeping track of financial matters and paying routine bills.

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