Lands & Records Management


The Humboldt County Recorder's Office maintains all land records relating to property in Humboldt County, Iowa (for example, Deeds, Contracts, and Mortgages).  The Recorder's office is responsible for centuries of information that must be kept forever.  These documents must be protected and be accessible for public inspection.  From paper to microfilm to digitalized images, it is imperative that we preserve these records forever.  The Recorder is a preservationist and archivist who must readily adopt new technologies to maintain and sometimes convert information to formats which are accessible to businesses and citizens.

With the creation of the Iowa Land Records system, the Recorders established a statewide database for county land records that can be accessed 24/7.  Humboldt County Recorder land record information can be accessed online on the Iowa Land Records website.  Click here for Historical Records (1856-1997) not yet available on Iowa Land Records.  Search index books alphabetically by grantor/grantee first to find the book and page where a specific document can be located. 

See a listing of the recording fees for documents.  Recorder's Fee Schedule

The Document Formatting Standards 2018 shows the formatting requirements for all documents recorded in the State of Iowa.

Humboldt County Recorder's Open Record Policy.