About Us


The office of County Recorder was created by the first Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Iowa in 1839.  The basic duty of the County Recorder was to maintain official records of documents affecting title to real estate in order to preserve property rights and protect innocent third parties in real estate transactions.  Since 1839, County Recorders have aquired more responsibilities.  Iowa's County Recorders are proud of their tradition and are looking forward to the future.

Current Staff:
Diane K. Amundson, Recorder
Mary Beth Olson, Deputy Recorder
Christine Kleiss, Deputy Recorder

Humboldt County Recorders through the years:
Took       Recorder's
office      Name
2015       Diane K. Amundson
1993       Linda K. Fort
1983       Barbara Cran
1963       Esther J. Ruble
1945       Frances C. Sorlien
1938       A. R. Sorlien
1938       Edith George
1933       R. L. Wittman
1931       Ethel Barrett Emrie
1925       Ethel Barrett
1909       M. E. Preble
1901       W. B. West
1893       G. D. Osborne
1887       J. B. Swain